Woody Cases™: Our commitment to being green

People always wonder if Woody Cases™ are Eco friendly and what measures we take to ensure our social responsibility. Nature is a beautiful thing and we are not here to destroy it, nor take advantage of it. Woody™ is simply here to appreciate nature and showcase its beauty, which is why we take tremendous pride in our process.

Most of the raw lumber we purchase to make our products are trees from rainforest conservation parks that were either struck by lightning or knocked down because of strong winds. When we purchase this lumber, the parks are able to give other trees and plants an opportunity to grow. The other portion of our lumber comes from socially responsible plantations, where the trees were planted for the purpose to serve as lumber. Once a tree is taken out, it is replaced with a new one.

We deeply care about our ecosystem and where our lumber comes from. We have perfected our technique to ensure that we are wasting as little natural material as possible and guaranteeing that all waste is properly disposed of. Woodycases.com loves wood and its beauty, but we are living proof that using wood doesn’t mean it has to be at the expense of the environment.