Woody Cases™ are on fire!

Is there anything better than a handmade iPhone case made from solid wood? Well, what about if that same wood iPhone case was perfectly laser engraved with great designs and cool art? Here at Woody™ we are always trying to come out with new innovative products that you will love and will become your new prized possession, and that’s just what we did when we release our new Laser engraved Woody™ line.  These are the same beautiful handmade cases that you are used to, with a bit of a twist to them.

We are now teaming up with artists to design amazing art for your cases that will truly be one of a kind.  We will be introducing many new designs to our expanding product line and in the future the designs that we put out will truly be original art straight from the artist’s paper to our Woody™ iPhone case.

At WoodyCases.com we have been testing out these laser engraved cases for a while and we absolutely love them, the look AND feel they add to our cases is second to none.  The engraving adds another dimension and texture to the back of your case.  You are able to feel the engraving every time you pick up your iPhone, and what a great feeling it is.

Want a custom design laser engraved into your Woody? Not a problem, shoot us an email at info@woodycases.com and we can help you get a custom Woody iPhone case with any design you want   engraved into it.  We hope you love the smell of laser engraved Mahogany as much as we do!

Zebra Woody iPhone BackChevron Woody iPhone Back