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-Are your cases really made from solid wood?
ABSOLUTELY! It is made from 100% wood, we don’t mess around with plastic, rubber, veneers, etc. So any product you get from us you can rest assure that it’s real wood and that we handmade it ourselves.

-Do I have to apply any special treatment on it or do any special care for it?
Not at all, the special finish that we made does not require ANY maintenance from you. We do all the work so you don’t have to.

-How heavy is a Woody Case™?
The case is actually VERY light, it has a solid feel to it but it does not add too much weight to your phone. The Full Woody™ case weighs around 17 grams for the iPhone 5 (13 grams for the iPhone 4), which is around the weight of 3 quarters, so if you’re strong enough to lift 75 cents this case is right up your alley!

-­Can I have a screen protector on my phone with a Woody™ on?
Of course! Every Woody™ sold comes with a complimentary front and back screen protector to protect your phone, we want to protect your iPhone as much as you do. All Woody™ cases work perfectly with any type of screen protectors!

-Is the case break proof?
The case is not invincible, it will survive regular wear and tear and dings/ scratches but we can’t promise it will survive large drops. Even with the special finish we put on our cases to strengthen the wood it still is at risk of breaking during drops.

-Do I have any type of warranty for the case?
Absolutely! Unlike other companies, we will stick by you after the initial purchase. If your Woody™ does end up breaking somehow, check out our Woody Cases™ Replacement Plan page on what to do next.

-What are my shipping options?
We ship through USPS (2-3 day) and we typically ship within a day of the order being placed (unless otherwise noted). For international order we ship through USPS which is 5-10 days (Canada and Mexico orders will be processed through USPS 4-10 days) so you’ll get your Woody SUPER quick! We hate waiting, so we wouldn’t make you wait. So as long as we are in stock of the product you will receive your product in timely manner. Need an your Woody™ faster? Shoot us over an email at and we can work something out.

-Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do, everyone deserves a chance to have a Woody™, so we ship to every single country in the world!  At the checkout (for many counties) it will tell you your shipping amount, if it does not please email us at to calculate shipping costs to your home country.  Woody Cases™ is not responsible for any duties, taxes, or tariffs resulting from the importation of products into your country.

-Does Woody™ make cases for phones other than iPhones?
Right now we only offer cases/accessories for iPhones but be sure to check back with us, as we will be developing cases and accessories for other phones in the future!

-Does Woody™ wholesale their products?
Email us at to explore the possibilities.

-The case I received isn’t the color I want, what now?
Being that wood always varies in color and grain, we cannot guarantee that it will be the exact color as pictured, but we always match the colors as close as possible. If you’re not 100% happy about the color email us as and we will work something out with you to make you happy!

-Does this case interfere with reception at all?
Not at all, we have done various tests and never have had an issue with reception.

-Will water damage my case?
Depends how much water we are talking about. Woody™ isn’t known for being a swimmer, so I would not recommend submerging your phone underwater. It is coated with a special water resistant finish that will prevent it from being damaged from small amounts of water, or if you set it down on something wet, but we recommend avoiding water and technology altogether!